Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Honest advice from a lady to men with cheating wives

 This beautiful piece is by Aishatu Ellah John. Enjoy

A man noticed that his wife had been acting strange. She keeps late nights, answers calls codedly, recently she had graduated to staying away from home overnight with different excuses.
Recently he snooped through her phone and found out that she was having an affair. He called the man she was sleeping with and the man told him to respect himself and manage his home better, that if he is not careful he will make his wife leave him and come and be with him. He told the husband that he had grown to fat and was unkempt and he the side cock was giving his wife what he could not give him and if he makes any more trouble he would get his wife pregnant and she would leave him.
The man was devastated. He confronted the wife who scolded him for touching her phone, she told him that since he liked snooping and now he had found out what she was respecting him by keeping away from him then what? What does he want to do since he cannot respect himself and remain in ignorance bliss.
I have told the man never to snoop again.

He should take the opportunity to get to know the side cock, apologise to him and be friendly with him, find out what the wife likes from him. All the things he is doing to keep the wife the man should humble himself and learn.
If he is nagging he should stop nagging, nagging drives women away.
He should also loose some weight and dress sexy. He should return to the shape of the man she married most times men get married and become lazy only eating, drinking and sleeping no woman likes that.
Most importantly he should pray very hard, there is this movie " fire proof " He needs to watch it and learn how prayer will bring his wife back.
The devil is after marriages he must not let the devil win, the devil wants to use the side cock to destroy his home he must stand firm and do intercessory prayers for his wife so Satan will not destroy her soul.

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  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. I just love this. The prayer part killed me. Thank you, lady. Lmao