Tuesday, 4 April 2017

TBoss sister Wendy campaigns for her but Nigerians feel she plays the "race game"

#BBNaija housemate,TBoss's campaign has come under fire again. Her kid sister,Wendy,people believe,is playing the race card.
Tboss and mum
Read what she wrote
"Growing up we faced a lot of challenges but the major challenge we faced was “Acceptance”. Having a different skin color and hair texture made us stand out and we never felt like we truly belonged. Growing up in Nigeria people saw us as white and we never really blended in, so we were relieved to travel to Romania for our university education, just to get there and be called blacks.”
“In Romania we got to find out the true definition of racism. Some Nigerians might not flow with you cos you don’t have same skin color as them but they won’t resort to violence but in Romania a “few people” could be real extremists. So once again acceptance was a problem cos people look at your skin color and think of you differently,”

Then,read people's reactions...

Na wa ooo


  1. She will win

    1. Win Efe and Bisola? Keep dreaming

  2. Chai sorry but we already know who's gonna win #efenation

  3. I do not that people are dragging her but as of me she will never win

  4. She may come third because she must be among the best three