Thursday, 11 May 2017

Hospital provides masks for women too shy to go for gynaecological tests


The gynecology ward at the Nong Krot Hospital, in Thailand’s Kamphaeng Phet province, has introduced a new style to one of their operations. This involves both patients and staff wearing masks to conceal their faces during the Pap Smear tests. This innovative was made to make the shy ones feel comfortable in the clinic. Afterall with a mask, everyone is anonymous
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Patients and medical personnel in masks.

Masked women
The pap smear is a medical test that can detect abnormal cells that have the potential to cause cervical cancer. It involves collecting cells with a small brush from the cervix, a procedure that many women apparently find so embarrassing that they would rather risk their lives to avoid.

So to make it more comfortable for them, the Sa Kaew sub-district office and the Nong Krot Hospital came up with an unconventional solution – providing masks to both patients and staff.

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  1. This is a very good innovation that can benefit women here