Sunday, 25 June 2017

Beautiful love story as told by a Facebook user.

When I get the question how long have y'all been married, I get a lil bit confused. Technically we have been married for two years. My marriage certificate says February 3rd 2015 because that is when we had our court wedding. However, on June 25th 2016, we took those vows again this time, it was in the presence of friends and family at the altar of God.

Today, I want to tell the whole world about this rare gem of a husband that God gave me. Today I want to encourage single mothers, who have lost hope in true love. DON'T GIVE UP ! Work on yourself, be happy, look good, and be open minded

In 2013 , I went through the worse time of my life, my marriage had fallen apart, I was physically and emotionally abused. Fast forward January 2014 ,I was basically separated from my ex. Oh my ! Things were so bad; I cried all night, I woke up with my pillows soaked in tears. In the process, I lost my job and had difficulty finding another one.

One night I woke up at 3am. I couldn't sleep, I decided to come on Facebook. I had a friend request from this guy, usually I am skeptical about accepting friend requests from guys. Anyways , I went to his profile, I saw that he lived in Dallas Texas and then I accepted his request.

Immediately he sent me a message ,asking why I was up by that time of the night. I got pissed and asked him if I knew who he was.
He apologized and introduced himself to me. He was like my name is so so, I work at so so, I am a Catholic, I live in so so. So I calmed down and asked him where in Nigeria he was from.
He replied by saying I am sorry,  I didn't include that in my resume ?
I am from Nnewi in Anambra state.
At that point, I busted into laughter.
 I told him I was having a bad night but he just cracked me up. He told me he was happy that he could make me smile. According to him ,I made a comment on a mutual friends post,  and he decided to check my profile out.

Then the big question came. Are you married? I told him yes I was married with two kids. That technically I was still married because,  I was just separated and not divorced.
He asked if we could be just friends and I said sure. That was how it all started. He would send me a message every morning on his way to work.
He would send me a message on his lunch break , just to ask about my day, work and the kids. I lied to him that work was good meanwhile I didn't have a job.

After two weeks of Facebook messages, I opened up to him and told him I was separated, I told him I didn't have a job , that I was job hunting.
He felt really bad, he tried to encourage me, asked me how the kids are fairing and how are they taking the whole thing , that the things I told him were tough. Meanwhile ,dude never gave me his number and never asked for mine.

After two months of constant chatting ,he told me one Friday that he will be traveling to Atlanta for a friend's wedding and will not be available to chat. He finally requested for my number and I gave him. When he got to Atlanta ,he called me and we talked all night.

 On the day of his friends wedding ,he kept sneaking out of the church to call me. The only thing I remembered him telling me was "I like you so much".
He told me he was single and scared of marriage so he wasn't ready.

Meanwhile ,I was seriously job hunting in California at that time. He told me to come job hunt in Dallas and I told I didn't know anyone in Dallas. He reminded me that I knew him and I was like hello ,we haven't even met.
So we agreed I'll go to my appointment in California , and on my way back , I'll stop over in Dallas so that we can meet.

When he picked me up at Dallas airport everything changed. I was like damn ,this dude is too hot and he was like , you're actually more beautiful in person than in picture.
That night he told me how much he loves me and asked me to give him a chance in my life.
 I think it was love at first sight because when I saw him for the first time,I was already quivering.
I fell in love but I was scared that nothing serious will come out of it since I have two kids.

I got a part time job in Dallas. I was staying at the extended stay hotel which cost $1200.00 a month. I was there for four months before I got a full time job and he footed the bill the entire four months.
Every weekend he'll fill my tank up, give me small money, and take me out just to distract me from the present situation.
One day I went to visit my kids in Houston ,I had only $200.00 that he gave me. On getting to Houston ,
I found out that my ex had filed for divorce. I informed a friend of mine who gave me a divorce lawyer's number.

The next day I went to see the divorce lawyer, she requested for $250.00 consultation fee, and he sent me $500.00. He told me to bring my kids with me when coming back to Dallas.

Going through divorce was very tough but he stood by me financially and emotionally. I will never forget.
All my friends were gone. He was the only friend I had. As soon as my divorce was over he proposed.

Three months later we had our court wedding.

Okeke Ugo Charlie I bless God for you. I don't know what I did to deserve you, I don't know what I did to deserve your awesome family. My husband is the last of 7 kids with 5 sisters ahead of the boys. His sisters and parents actually treat me like their sibling, even better than my own family.

Dim Oma, Nwoke mji emeonu. In the next world to come, you have to be my husband otherwise I'll remain single. You have shown me what true love really is. On our wedding day ,I was 1 hour 30 minutes late unintentionally. You waited waited patiently at the altar ,even when the priest was threatening to leave. When I walked up to you, you whispered into my ears and said "you're beautiful".
I wanted to cry because that is not what I am used too.

Baby I love you so much, I can't say that enough. I'll continue to love you for the rest of my life. Happy Anniversary my love, forever to go💋❤️❤️❤️

As told by Gillian Chikodi Nwangumah.

Dear Gillian, you are a good woman. That was why a good man fell for you. This is my belief. Happy Wedding Anniversary to you guys.


  1. AnonymousJune 25, 2017

    You have already shared this. Anyway good you wrote the names at the end

  2. She has learnt from her past marriage, hope this one lasts