Friday, 16 June 2017

Bedmate Furniture worker almost crippled by his Chinese boss with a Kung fu kick.

William Ekanem, a worker with Bedmate Furniture Company, Magboro, Ogun State, has cried out after  his spinal bone was allegedly damaged by his Chinese boss, Master Wan.
Master Wan who is skilled in kung fu, had demanded to see a bag of rice which Ekanem bought from a foodstuffs seller, identified as Iya Melo, on the premises of the company to which Ekanem disapproved.

After forcefully checking the content, Ekanem said he was leaving when Master Wan allegedly gave him a strong  kick on the back, which sent him sprawling on the ground. Wan went ahead to stamp his foot on the victim's back.



  1. UgonwanyiJune 16, 2017

    He is a fool. I mean the boss because it is only in Nigeria something like this can fly.

  2. This is called wickedness