Thursday, 29 June 2017

Former Governor of Taraba state dies.

This piece is written by Ugo Egbujo

Former Governor Danbaba Suntai is dead. Now, he can rest
There was the crash. Then there were   more rumours than pity. They said he was dead. They said he didn't have a flying licence. They said he was going to see a girl friend. Nothing matters now.

He was rushed to Germany. There was nowhere to rush him to in Nigeria. They won't create somewhere. They never will. In Germany he improved. Then he was moved to the United states. And was asked to rest for a long while
Back home , Taraba had become a center of political intrigues. And Suntai had become a political commodity. His close aides said the acting governor was acting as if Suntai was dead. The acting governor was consolidating , breaking down Suntai's structures. So Suntai's men  wanted Suntai back, dead or alive.

They bundled him into an aircraft and smuggled him in. He was supposed to address a press conference. The house assembly was supposed to understand he had resumed. They knew Suntai had lost the mental capacity to govern and needed rest. His health was not their priority. They wanted the power and the money.

Suntai was helped out of the plane. At the airport in Abuja , the  gamblers exposed him to press men who had been settled. They were ready to write polished stories. Suntai looked at them quizzically and smiled. He thanked them for coming and thanked God for letting him arrive London safely. They chased away the pressmen and rushed him away.

The acting governor refused to yield. He nudged the house of assembly and the legislators demanded a medical examination of Suntai. Suntai's men branded that treachery. They arranged another  press conference. It was political warfare. They carried Suntai like the Ark of covenant.

When the press briefing started in his dining room Suntai's eyes were glued to the roof. Pity descended on everyone. He was barely audible. He blamed alcohol for the accident. And told his audience to live disciplined lives. The gamble failed. The acting governor chased away Suntai's men.

Suntai's doctors told him to rest. They didn't let him. We saw it in Yaradua. Beware of the  Agberos that live as squatters in the corridors of power. They are ruthless.

Suntai is gone. He can now rest.

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