Thursday, 8 June 2017

Lesson 101. How to write and post a comment in my blog

Few friends told me that they do not know how to comment on my blog. So,i want to give some pictorial lectures/guides
 to this.

Let's assume you are on this post and wish to give a feedback.

After the end of the post,you will see a box like the picture above. If the box is not there,click on: Post a comment . If you have a google or blogger account,your name will show not mine.

But if you want to use another id or even remain anonymous,click on that drop down icon( the arrow up there).

Then these options will appear. Remember,it is not my name that will appear. I am just using mine as an example.

If you clicked on Anonymous,it will show this way(pic above)
If you want to use a name(whether real or fictitious, just click on Name/Url and follow directives. It will show you this( pic below). Then put in the name.

"Write your comment here" was written by me as a comment on this post. After,just click publish. If you used the Anonymous or Name/Url options,ayou will be required to prove you are not a robot by clicking this.....

(Precious used the Name/Url option).

This is the end product for Anonymous and Precious Precious.
Easy ,right?.

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