Friday, 16 June 2017

Most unfaithful women in the world are found in Nigeria.

A Durex Survey (Manufacturers of Condoms) a few years ago came out with the following result

* Most Unfaithful Men in the World are found in Thailand.
* Most Unfaithful Women in the World are found in Nigeria.
To remove the element of bias, another Independent Survey conducted by AE reports that Nigeria tops the Chart for Cheating Women!
This is depressing. Very depressing! Stats do NOT lie.
Little wonder most Nigerian women frowned at the DNA Testing post. Men should have seen the handwriting on the wall.
Sadder still is the fact that ours is a deeply religious nation with women making up 80% of Church attendance.

The fact of the matter is that women in this part of the world LOVE money and would do anything for it. Now, the love of money may not be the only cause, in fact it is not, but it plays a significant role.

For instance, if I were a millionaire there's 97% certainty that I would be married by now. Every young woman in Lagos would want to have my baby (ask Tuface). Most Nigerian women are willing and ready to overlook and ignore your annoying behaviors IF you are loaded.

So guys, when a Nigerian woman tells you that you have 'issues', in most cases it's because you are BROKE or still HUSTLING. Your shortcomings hardly matter when you're living big. Rather, it is the women themselves that will make excuses for you;
'He is just a man', they'd say.
'I'm not marrying a Saint', they'd argue.
'No man is perfect', they'd reason.

These are women making excuses for you because you offer Financial Security. Don't be deceived, to these young Nigerian women there are only two kinds of men;
1. The Loaded, and
 2. The Broke.
The rest can be negotiated.

Most (if not all) women desire the good life and expensive vacations. If this means spreading their legs for someone other than their men, so be it.
As for me, I work hard to give myself a great life. Any lady that comes along the way can only join the party. But one thing I won't do is to labour to satisfy a woman.
No be only woman know how to enjoy.

...Olakunle Allison.

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