Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Three hundred newly employees of KIRS quit their jobs because of poor pay.

About three hundred out of the the 765 graduates recently engaged to work in the Kano Internal Revenue Service (KIRS), have dumped their due to poor salary. This happened just three months after they were employed.
One of their grievances is that service has failed to fulfill some of the promises made to them in regards to the service’s salary scale, stressing that most of them where cajoled to leave their jobs and accept the tax generation work only to be paid N35, 000.
A source who is one of the 300 said,

We were told that they will offer us a better salary package than what we were earning at our former working places. However, after we have concluded all bureaucratic engagements, we ended up being paid N35, 000 as graduates.

This is why about 300 of us have quit, because with the present economic huddles; it is unwise for one to deceive oneself that he or she can leave on that stipends,” lamented the former tax collector.

A source at the KIRS, confirmed that a substantial number of those recently engaged have dumped the job, without notification.

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