Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Two Gladiators clash in Facebook Fight of the year

These Facebook celebs had a little tiff and wrote about it. I did my job which is to bring it to your reading pleasure.

Chioma A shot the first salvo

I have friends with over 50k plus on Facebook and they are humble as fuck when approached about projects. But you see these ones that have only gotten famous on Facebook like yesterday, like they didn't expect it, but it happened anyway, their attitude about their own purported hype cracks me up.

 I invited one to appear on my show. As a guest. Nothing more. Unless you are going on a show to share personal stories or being invited as a specialist of some sorts, to do a speech, the appearance is mostly unpaid.

You use the publicity for your own good. But some of our people don't seem to know that. Apparently he is the owner of one sex topic oriented forum on Facebook and his response was filled with so much self importance I had to shake my head and laugh. Then I responded with the same tone he responded. I am glad he declined the invitation, he felt an invitation to appear as a guest on a show was beneath him. Which tells me he has never appeared on radio or TV as a guest.

Even celebs don't get paid to appear on TV. They do so to boost their fan base and increase their visibility. That is standard. I told him my team has never heard of him so he needed to simmer down next time and I personally have no need for such people. Never even heard of him beyond some threads/ posts but didn't make the connection till a friend recommended him. Chima this na your fault.

Ben something is his name. That said, please none of the guests who appear on the show are paid. We have celebs, established individuals and brands appearing on the show, and ALL of them appear knowing the appearance would benefit them in one way or the other. It is going on various online platforms, on Linda Ikeji TV, and the TV platform will eventually move to Dstv... Sooner than later. I call that a win, win.

 So if I approach you under recommendation of a mutual friend or Facebook interaction, Don't come telling me you are the shit, trust me, if you were, I would have actually heard of you. People who are the shit, don't don't need to say it.

Keep your shoulders down, you might be somebody to your "numerous followers" but out here on these streets, we ain't heard of you! This is a shade BTW. In case it wasn't obvious. Some of us have let this Facebook fame get to their heads. And that shit to me is hilarious as fuck. #QOTC #observations

Then Ben V replied.....

It's quite unfortunate that some people are just plain stupid and think that everyone will bow for them and accept every rubbish offer that comes from them. To these self acclaimed fellows, you must say "Yes" to their selfish and foolish and rubbish offer.

Is it a crime to say "No" that I won't appear on a TV show? Why are you working yourself up just because Ben Victor says he won't appear on your TV show base on your own terms? If you think everyone must say Yes to your offer, then be ready for a crude and rude awakening from people like me.

One Chioma something sent me a message for me to be a Guest on LindaIkejiTV and speak on sex because someone recommended me to her.
According to her, there are no monetary compensations of any kind but the show will give me publicity. Yes she said Publicity of my brand! I am still thinking which brand she is talking about.

Now everyone knows I reside in Port Harcourt. So I told her that you can't expect me to fly ✈ from Port Harcourt to Lagos, lodge in a hotel 🏨 and make other expenses just to appear in one Show I have never heard of before and go back just like that. What is my gain? Publicity they say. Angered and bittered that I declined the offer base on her own terms,  she now have to go to her wall to tell the whole world that Ben Victor declined an offer which many people are dying to have. Smh!

You must be very stupid with your assumed publicity! I can't remember telling anyone that I need publicity since that is all your TV show can give back to me. I can't remember telling anyone that I have a brand which your show may likely promote. This is the mentality that most people have. They will be taking from you and will still want you to believe they are doing you favour. What I called mind manipulation!

I have the indisputable right to accept what I want and reject what I don't want. You have your terms and I have mine too. You can call it pride or whatever you like, that is your fucking business. Keep your ego and publicity to yourself. Ben Victor is not interested.

And to you who recommended me to her and to all my friends, please don't ever recommend me to anything, whether TV or radio show without seeking my consent. What moves others don't move me and I have my own terms in everything. What others rush to have is not what I rush to have. I am not in this Facebook to play into anyone's master plan.

Thanks to my sincere friends who called my attention inbox and asked me what actually happened. I appreciate you all.

And to you Chioma something, make sure you keep calling out every one that declines to appear in your assumed famous TV show. I refuse to play along.

Thank you



  1. AnonymousJune 27, 2017

    Is this what we send you to do?.

  2. Biko, ke ndi bu ndia?

    so fifty thousand followers is celebrity status on FACEBOOK? :-)

    If it is like that now, I can interview them, and pay them from my benefits money

    my e - mail address is ifyatuanya@yahoo.com