Monday, 19 June 2017

Worker kills Chinese boss in Lagos.

A casual worker in firm in Lagos has killed his employee . The sad incident occured around 8pm on Friday

It was said that the suspect, 28-year-old Okechukwu Amos, a casual worker, sneaked into Xu’s apartment while she was asleep and covered her nose with a cloth until she suffocated.

Reports indicate that the suspect had complained that the boss usually harassed him, and decided to “deal with her” that day.

After carrying out this nefarious act, he ransacked the apartment and allegedly stole about N800,000 and $2,000, which belonged to the deceased

To evade arrest at the estate gate, which is manned by private guards and two policemen, Amos disguised as a mentally-derailed person but unfortunately for him,he did not get to pass the gate.
A security guard said the suspect almost escaped from the gate, but he unearthed his identity and alerted one of the policemen.

He said, “I was at the security post around 9pm that day when I saw a man half-naked. He walked towards the gate bare-footed. He was holding a pair of slippers and carrying a load wrapped with a shirt on his head.

“I initially took the man for a mad person, but after a closer look, I discovered that he is Ikechukwu (Amos). I asked him what was wrong and why he was dressed like that. He said he was angry and that he was quitting his job at the the company. I asked if the person that brought him to the company was aware, he said no.

“I volunteered to call the person, but he refused. I requested to know the content of the bag with him, he was reluctant.

“That was when I became suspicious and called a policeman, who was at the gate with me. He interrogated him and forced him to open the bag. The bag contained a lot of cash. He led the policeman to the company, where we found the woman dead.”

The guard said Amos was handed over to the police at the MAN Centre division

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