Monday, 3 July 2017

Suspected Badoo Cult members killed by mob.

Press release...

The residents of Odogunyan and it’s environs declares war on the dreaded Badoo cult group leading to arrest of some of them in the last few days
In broad daylight on Sunday about 11am or thereabouts the vigilance residents caught a man suspected to be a member of Badoo cult group and upon interrogation at first he claimed he worked at one private school (namewitheld) they took him there, they said they don’t know him, he said he works with another firm they also confirmed it to be false, as they were beating him, he confessed he was looking for what to eat.

Meanwhile, a woman told the gathering that they were six in numbers as she overheard there conversation when they were planning their evil plot in an uncompleted building. The community have since gone for the search of the remaining members.

We advice residence to be security conscious and try to inquire about people that move around ur houses, community and environs
God bless you all

On the other hand, report says three suspected members of the dreaded group were caught and burnt alongside their jeep.

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